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At Studio | ASH, we enjoy the free expression of thought through modern art.  While each of our artists' works evokes a reaction or response from its viewer, we understand that such an emotion may not reflect the artist's original intention.  However, it is the presence of such an emotion that in itself is the reason for art.  On a higher level, this ability represents one's openness to entertain other new thoughts and ideas.  We seek to share this open-mindedness with the audiences of our gallery and our design work (of ASH :: image).

Studio | ASH is the physical embodiment of ASH :: image, our web and print design studio.  As we have always considered our web and print designs to be imaginative, our studio is an environment through which we will continue to expand our collective creativity and follow the evolution of these skills.

We hope you enjoy.

Andrew S. Hippensteele/Owner
ASH :: image & Studio | ASH



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