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Richard Jurus            

Artist's Statement

I have been involved in photographing the human form for the past 19 years. I can still remember the first photographs I produced, and how alive I felt photographing the human form.

My early photographs were about the beauty of the human body. These early photographs could be put into the category of romantic pictorials, reminiscing of early Weston nudes. I was simply photographing beauty. In my maturity as an artist I have learned to see beauty in other ways, ways that are influenced by the present state of our society, and the people I encounter.

I feel there is something alluring and seductive in sharp steel instruments. In my photographs I try to represent this seduction. I feel my work is thought provoking in the sense that it invites and attracts the viewer, but then presents them with a hint of danger. This danger is there for people to find and interpret on their own level. I consider this recent work to be my most significant. The work speaks about Society. I feel my work contains relative information about the time in which we live. The work plays with information that is not always shared with strangers. People enjoy being photographed with sharp objects; they open up a psychological side that is rarely seen, perhaps only played out in their head. The physical nature of the work is expressive, containing a seductive but dark epilogue. My goal is for the viewer to be able to read deeper into the surface information that I present within each image.

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