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Jeffrey Collins

Artist's Statement

My paintings are tactile in nature, The way the material leaves layers...however subtle or bombastic, creates a presence that begs to be experienced in person. The viewer must give themselves completely over to their concentration.

I have in the past, come across some great painters who's works have given me great courage to continue on...if only to push myself, to find myself.

I would say my work has a lot to do with Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock to begin with. Also with Brice Marden's older paintings. And some painters who's works you may not have heard of. Like Joseph Marioni, Phil Sims, Rudolf De Crignis, Frederic Matys Thursz, and Joseph Hughes.

This is just some starting points for those interested in my works.

Imagine describing a Rothko to one who knows nothing of just doesn't work.

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