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Tabitha Davis            

Artist's Statement

With sensual and spiritual beauty as one of my primary goals, the subject of my sculptures, the materials that I use, and the process I follow in my work are vitally important to me.  I work with many different materials, but the things which attract me to each and the resulting sculptures are all closely related.  The inherent qualities of the material are critical to the final piece. 

My sculpture reflects an intense relationship between myself and the material with which I am working.  This relationship is based on my reactions and responses to the material, the marks I make in it, and my own ideas.  I use my hands as my primary sculpting tools so that, through touch, I can judge the movement of truth, when a shape or texture is perfect.  After each marking is made, I look at and feel the piece, react to what I have done, then make another mark.  Every decision I make is based on my response to what I have already done with the material.  I continue to learn about myself and my material as the relationship progresses.  Then, looking back on a finished piece, I discover even more about it, where it might have come from, what it might refer to, and its relationship to my other sculptures.

For me, art is an intensifications of nature.  By this I mean that my art is the process taking from a natural object, the qualities which seem most beautiful to me, and expanding those qualities to create a sculpture or painting.

Like the subject matter of my work, the materials I use in my sculptures and paintings are natural.  Each element, stone, water, fiber, or clay, has a beauty of its own before I ever begin to manipulate it.  I try to integrate my impression of the most beautiful qualities of each material with the effects of natural weathering contrasted with a manual process of sculpting that material.  I enjoy that contrast and make use of it to draw attention to my perception of the inherent beauty that is native to all of the materials with which I work.  My sculptures become a collaboration between myself and nature.

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