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Larry M. Justice            


Artist's Statement

This work should be considered within the historical perspective of Expressionism and early Abstract Expressionism. It is those formalizing, conceptual ideas of the artists of those times that illustrate and identify this art as an environmental/atmospheric extension of the perspective of Wassilsy Kandinsky and some of those that followed.

The images show that the works of this artist have an important essence of an organized exploration of light and colored atmospheres within the classical expressionistic values of the early abstract expressionists.

The historical illustrations encompassing those same elements influence the images comprising this artistís work. One should consider what has been said about Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism and statements of Kandinsky and Paul Klee reflecting their concern for the abstract, as the foundations for this artistís point of view and expression.

Space here does not allow any analysis of those ideas; however, because of the personalities and environments of those artists, which influenced and shaped their art, and their personal philosophies about their art the act of creation in turn certainly influences this artist. The paintings display that the relationships of early Abstract Expressionism and the images of this artist have common aesthetics. Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism and the visual ideas of Kandinsky and Klee influenced art, artists, this artist, and, in this new age, Abstract Expressionism is alive and well, albeit, stilted, by this artist to an atmospheric image.

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