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Neil Kassuba



Artist's Statement

Fine art is a lifestyle that one cannot easily turn on or off. I sometimes find it hard to put into words but know that in doing so a deeper understanding can be made. The potential that visual art can have on artist and viewer is immeasurable.

The act of painting cleanses the spirit. It becomes a ritualistic reconciliation in which I can begin to come to terms with the reality we face everyday. In these technical moments of focus I am attempting to piece together something greater than just existence. It's the layering of these times at the canvas that begin to culminate from daily life.

My work is an attempt to create a dynamic record of thoughts  in action. Through a critical approach I look upon my paintings with a watchful eye of compositional and visual elements. Through this thought process it then indirectly becomes a critical view of myself as a functioning person.

Ultimately, I hope my work can act as a catalyst, pushing the viewer and all others indirectly influenced into doing something worthwhile and gratifying. I know my words can be diluted, but everyday we are dealt rare opportunities so why not prove the truth in progress?

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