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V. Mann           

Artist's Statement

The artofmann began as an interest in counter, or "sub" culture movements spearheaded by modern thinkers such as Terence McKenna, Brion Gyson, Gennesis P. Orridge, and many others. Including the writings of William Burroughs and Andre Breton, which were of particular fascination due to their explanations of reality and altered perceptions. The antiestablishment punk rock scene fanned the fire began by these other "artists" and introduced the underground expression that is found in dive-bars and coffee shops. The raw emotional expressive nature of the scene planted the seed of expression. This led to the formulation of ideas about art as philosophy, religion, and escape along with theories on artist viewer relationships (the stimulation the artist arouses in the audience). Mann received a degree from the Academy Of Communicative Arts in Cincinnati (where he witnessed the censorship of Robert Maplethorpe and subsequent trial that followed which fueled an interested in unacceptable imagery). This all led to an interest in expression that manifested itself as theartofmann.

By studying the affects of colors and shapes hidden in sometimes violent and sexual content, cutting up old books and newspapers, and creating computer printouts the artist formed the ideas to create his vision of mannís subconscious. Mann hopes his work will open minds in the same way his was opened by the modern masters. Through his work he tries to show the viewer another way of seeing life and reality that maybe he or she has never thought of or has forgotten about, allowing these dream images to shock, teach, and touch them in a deeply personal way. So that the artist might through his work take the viewer away from life for a short while, and so they might have a new idea by which to escape inÖ the infinite possibilities of existence.

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